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The Two Greatest Fears American’s have as they approach retirement areac

  1. Running out of Money 
  2. Having a health event that will cost, most or all, of their savings

Secured First Financial is focused on solving these two fears by turning retirement saving, into income that will last a lifetime and provide returns that will outpace inflation, but will never lose money, and By replacing old life insurance with new life insurance that includes benefits people can use while they are living.

Secured First Financial was founded on the principle that everyone should and deserves to have the security of income that will outlast their needs.

Our country was founded on the principle that its citizens’ would have the freedom to pursue happiness as they define it, not how its government defines it. It was never the intent of our founding fathers to provide a socialized government that would take care of its people’s personal financial needs. We do not restrict who our clients are, based on the amount of their wealth.

We feel strongly that everyone will benefit from having a strong financial plan that will ensure that their individual goals and desires are met.