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Joel Fuessel

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Joel Fuessel

I am married to my beautiful wife and have 3 lovely children. I grew up in Texas on a farm and ranch that my dad ran. I learned how to work, make money, and run a business. In the late 90’s I started a website design company and ran it from 97 to 2004. I have always been a fan of business, making money, and finding the best vehicles to grow my hard earned money. I was a client of Secured First Financial first before deciding to go to work for them because I believe we are truly changing the future of retirees. I specialize in building tax free retirement plans that create an income for life for business owners, employees, and families.

I offer life insurance and annuity solutions for my clients. I meet new people every day and the more people I talk to the more I find out that most people don’t have enough to live on in retirement. The second biggest thing I hear about is when someone gets cancer, has a heart attack, a stroke, or becomes ill. A major illness can devastate someone financially, so I help prepare our clients financially for these two major concerns as we grow older.

  1. Running out of Money
  2.  Becoming ill

I also provide the following services:

-Life Insurance
-Final Expense
-Indexed Annuities
-Income for Life
-Buy Sell/Key man Insurance
-Mortgage Protection